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      Results and performance

      Company history milestone


      In 2002, Zibo Huizhi Industrial Engineering Design Co., Ltd. was incorporated.


      In 2004, it was renamed Shandong Huizhi Engineering Design Co., Ltd.


      In 2012, Huizhi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated.


      Listed in 2018.

      Qualification and honor

        Proprietary technology
          Huizhi is committed to the development and application of new technologies, new processes and new products. It not only masters many process technologies, but also masters engineering technology and management technology in line with international common models, and has its own proprietary technology and competitive advantages. Formed a lot of fist products. First, deep processing of petroleum products: such as catalysis, cracking, heavy oil deep processing, hydrogen production hydrogenation, heavy road asphalt, olefins, aromatics products, lubricating oil, delayed coking, gas separation, etc....
      Huizhi News
      Engineering dynamics
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      • Wise move corporate head...
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      • Chilean forces must conv...

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